Column Flotation requires a Sparging System

Sparging is the controlled generation of an ultra-fine swarm gas bubbles, specifically into a flotation column promoting the attachment of hydrophobic particles and generally into other vessels for leaching or hydrometallurgical applications.  The EFD advantage is the ability to provide two types of sparging systems: SlamJet™ insertion spargers for general purpose flotation and leaching and CavTube hydrodynamic spargers capable of generating much finer bubbles for the recovery of fine particle size fractions.


Eriez Flotation Division offers a few Sparging options

EFD’s patented SlamJet™

air sparging system comprises an air manifold that surrounds the column cell and supplies air to a series of SlamJet™ sparger tubes. The top of the manifold is fitted with connections for air, as well as connections for a pressure gauge and a pressure transmitter. The side of the manifold is equipped with a series of couplings for connecting to the sparger tubes and is also fitted with one or more drains located at the bottom of the manifold.


Cavitation Tube Sparging

generates “pico-bubbles” substantially increasing the surface area available to the desired target particles. Cavitation Tube Sparger is at the heart of aeration systems used for bubble generation in column flotation cells. The “Cav-Tube” is a hydro-dynamic sparger shaped to maximize fine bubble generation effectively increasing the superficial surface area rate (Sb) of air moving through a column flotation cell.  





Eriez Flotation Products

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CavTube Brochure

Cavitation Tube Sparging principals of operation, installations and specifications.
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Gold Leach - Questionnaire

Important data needed to select a sparging system
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SlamJet Series Brochure

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The SlamJet Sparging System is the Most Cost Effective Injection System for Leaching Processes

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DeGrussa Profile CavTube Sparging

Ultra fines recovery of Copper Sulfide
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Spargers for Air/O2 Injection into CIP/CIL Gold Leach Tanks

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Flotación de Finos y Gruesos Aplicada a la Recuperación de Minerales de Cobre

Tamaño de las partículas: lograr mayor las recuperaciones metalúrgicas de flotación
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Benchmarking Performance of Eriez PhosPro Column Flotation

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