Complete services for continuous improvement and flow sheet development

Eriez maintains an assortment of bench- and pilot-scale equipment for both laboratory and in-field evaluations. With more than 15,000 square feet of dedicated laboratory space and an array of lab and pilot equipment, the Eriez Flotation Division has the tools to test and provide detailed process analysis and state-of-the-art solutions for nearly any application.

In addition to testing, technical services are rendered by a contingent of over 15 degreed mineral processing engineers. This experienced team conducts field trials, start-ups, and is available to evaluate process flow sheets and help improve plant performance.

Eriez Flotation battery of test equipment includes:
• Single and mulit-stage column flotation circuits
• Bench top flotation cells
• Pilot-scale columns
• Lab- and pilot-scale HydroFloat Separators
• Lab- and pilot-scale CrossFlow Separators
• Grinding equipment (cone, ball, and rod mills)
• XRF analytical capabilities
• And much more

How to Submit Samples

Details the process of submitting test material to Eriez Central Test Lab. International instructions as well.
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Lab Spec Sheet

Complete this form and attach all relevant documentation to begin testing
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