HydroFloat® Flotation

The first in fluidized-bed flotation with more than 50 units installed worldwide!

Eriez, a world leader in separation technology, has designed the new HydroFloat® Separator for coarse particle mineral concentration delivering the capacity of a density separator while maintaining the selectivity of a flotation device. Using a novel aeration system to disperse fine bubbles into a fluidized-bed environment, the HydroFloat Separator significantly increases the selective recovery of coarse particles by applying flotation fundamentals to gravity separation.

Can be applied to:

  • Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Base Metals
  • Sulfides

Applications include:

  • Coarse Recovery in Split-Feed Flotation Circuits
  • Tailings Scavenging
  • Flash Flotation in Grinding Circuits


The HydroFloat Separator is an aerated fluidized-bed (or teeter-bed) separator. The synergistic effect of combining flotation with gravity concentration results in an outcome that cannot be achieved by either approach alone.

Air bubbles are dispersed by the fluidization system, percolate through the hindered-setting zone and attach to the hydrophobic component altering its density and rendering it sufficiently buoyant to float and be recovered. The use of the dense phase, fluidized bed eliminates axial mixing, increases coarse particle residence time and improves the flotation rate through enhanced bubble-particle interactions. As a result, the rate of recovery is high for both fully-liberated and semiliberated particles.

HydroFloat Separators Improve Coarse Particle Recovery through:

  • Increased bubble/particle collision rates
  • Increased bubble/particle sliding time
  • Increased residence time
  • Decreased mixing
  • Decreased turbulence and detachment
  • Decreased buoyancy restrictions

Mike Mankosa, Ph.D, and Eriez Executive Vice President of Global Technology, co-authored three technical papers at the 2016 International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC) focusing on the various coarse particle flotation applications.

Read and download the paper, titled:

View all publications on our Technical Papers page.

Laboratory-scale HydroFloat units are available for small-scale testing on Eriez' Lab Equipment website.




    The development of the HydroFloat was based on applying flotation fundamentals to teeter-bed separation. The presence of the fluidized bed increases collision rates beyond that which can be obtained in open flotation cells. As a result, the HydroFloat excels as a scavenging device.

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    Eriez developed the HydroFloat Separator specifically to treat coarse material. With this new separator, process engineers can now maximize efficiency by designing split-feed flotation circuits where coarse material is treated separately from the fines.

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Split-Feed Circuit Design for Primary Sulfide Recovery

Originally presented at IMPC 2016 by Mike Mankosa, Ph.D (2 of 3)
Download PDF

Significance of Exposed Grain Surface Area in Coarse Particle Flotation of Low-Grade Gold Ore With The HydroFloat Technology

Originally presented at IMPC 2016 by Mike Mankosa, Ph.D (3 of 3)
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Testing of the HydroFloat Separator for Coal Cleaning Applications

This article describes the theoretical basis for the development of the HydroFloat separator and provides an overview of performance data obtained from recent field trials.
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Hydrofloat Separator Brochure

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HydroFloat®: Una Nueva Tecnología Eco-Eficiente para el Procesamiento de Oro

HydroFloat®: Una Nueva Tecnología Eco-Eficiente para el Procesamiento de Oro
Download PDF

Flotation Technology for Coarse and Fine Particle Recovery

Challenges associated with conventional froth flotation equipment
Download PDF

Meeting the Needs of an Exacting Market: Potash

Download PDF

Coarse Gold Recovery Using Flotation in a Fluidized Bed

Eriez has developed a flotation cell that uses fluidized water to enhance flotation of coarse particles.
Download PDF

Implementation of the HydroFloat Technology at the South Fort Meade Mine

Performance of this hydraulic separator in the field
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Flotación de Finos y Gruesos Aplicada a la Recuperación de Minerales de Cobre

Tamaño de las partículas: lograr mayor las recuperaciones metalúrgicas de flotación
Download PDF

Eriez Fertilizer

Eriez Flotation Division has developed several technologies that can improve the separation of fertilizer minerals through flotation.
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The Benefits of Coarse Particle Flotation

Test work shows there are numerous benefits not just in reducing capital and operating costs, but also for improving sustainability and environmental efforts.
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ALS Metallurgy CMP 2017 - Coarse Particle Flotation

HydroFloat Presentation by Peter Mehrfert ALS Kamloops, at CMP 2017
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Mehrfert CMP2017 - Coarse Particle Flotation Paper

Peter Mehrfert's (ALS Kamloops) paper on the HydroFloat, presented at the National CMP in Ottawa, 2017
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This Changes Everything: Coarse Partcile Flotation

Radically improve the traditional processing circuit using Coarse Particle Flotation. Recover particles as large as 800 microns with as little as 1% mineral surface expression.
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Energy Reducing Flotation Improvements

HydroFloat and StackCell systems radically improve separation and recovery of Coarse & Fines particles.
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A New Paradigm in Sulphide Processing

By classifying flotation feed at a point where coarse recovery deteriorates, the existing flotation circuit can be optimized to improve performance.
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White Paper: A New Paradigm in Sulfide Processing

Originally appeared in Engineering & Mining Journal. By classifying flotation feed at a point where coarse recovery deteriorates, the existing flotation circuit can be optimized to improve performance.
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Evaluacion del HF flotacion de particulas gruesas Expomin2017

HydroFloat Presentation at Expomin, Guadalajara 2017
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Coarse particle flotation CMP Toronto 2017-20170902

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HydroFloat paper from Expomin 2017 in Guadaljara
Download PDF

New Approaches in Gold Recovery - Technical Bulletin

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Zanin et al, Procemin 2015, HydroFloat exploits
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Flotacion de particulas gruesas aplicada a minerales sulfurados de cobre

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Hydrofloat® Seperator Specifications

    MM IN KG LBS  
HF-150 Laboratory Unit 140 x 600 5.5 x 23.5 165 365 0.30 - 0.45
HF-400 Pilot Unit 410 x 1350 16 x 53 240 530 2.5 - 3.8
HF-450 Pilot Unit 460 x 1380 18 x 54.5 250 550 3 - 5
HF-600 Pilot/Industrial 610 x 1380 24 x 54.5 325 715 6 - 9
HF-900 Pilot/Industrial 910 x 2080 36 x 82 635 1,400 13 - 19
HF-1200 Industrial 1220 x 2790 48 x 110 860 1,900 23 - 34
HF-1500 Industrial 1520 x 3400 60 x 134 1,740 3,830 36 - 54
HF-1800 Industrial 1830 x 3990 72 x 157 2,430 5,355 51 - 77
HF-2100 Industrial 2140 x 4320 84 x 170 3,085 6,800 70 - 105
HF-2400 Industrial 2440 x 4620 96 x 182 3,600 7,945 91 - 137
HF-2700 Industrial 2740 x 4950 108 x 195 4,045 8,915 116 - 173
HF-3050 Industrial 3050 x 5740 120 x 226 4,765 10,500 143 - 214
HF-3350 Industrial 3350 x 6220 132 x 245 5,445 12,000 173 - 259
HF-3650 Industrial 3660 x 7160 144 x 282 6,500 14,335 206 - 308
HF-4250 Industrial 4270 x 8590 168 x 338 8,300 18,300 280 - 420
*Please note that all capacities are in long tons.
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