Minerals can be separated based on particle diameter when treating feed stocks having a consistent density but a wide size distribution.

The novel CrossFlow feed presentation system improves upon the already quiescent hindered-settling environment of a teeter-bed separator. As a result, very efficient size cuts can be provided when treating mono-density feed stocks such as those found in silica sand, frac sand, and phosphate matrix.


Design, Operation, and Control of a Teeter-Bed Hydroseperator for Classification

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Flotación de Finos y Gruesos Aplicada a la Recuperación de Minerales de Cobre

Tamaño de las partículas: lograr mayor las recuperaciones metalúrgicas de flotación
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Regino et al COM 2020 HydroFloat -final

Paper on Cozamin case-study looking at the tail scavenging and coarse gangue rejection application for the HydroFloat
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COM 2020 presentation -Regino et al

Slide deck for Regino et al HydroFloat case-study at Cozamin
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