Hindered-bed separators can concentrate particles based on size, density and shape. With feed stocks having a relatively tight size distribution, separations based on density and shape can be successfully achieved.

Common applications include removing rock (SG 2.65) from coal (SG 1.35), upgrading iron ore, and the removal of silica from heavy-mineral concentrates. In addition, minerals such as mica can be separated from ores such as phosphate and sand due to its flat shape.


Inyección de microburbujas para optimización de celdas tanque 50m3

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Flotación de Finos y Gruesos Aplicada a la Recuperación de Minerales de Cobre

Tamaño de las partículas: lograr mayor las recuperaciones metalúrgicas de flotación
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Design, Operation, and Control of a Teeter-Bed Hydroseperator for Classification

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Energy Reducing Flotation Improvements

HydroFloat and StackCell systems radically improve separation and recovery of Coarse & Fines particles.
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Wasmund et al CMP 2018 Manuscript Final

Benchmarking performance of StackCell with conventional cells for bulk copper flotation roughing
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