CoalPro®, and StackCell™ are a few of Eriez column and hybrid flotation technologies engineered for the coal industries.

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Copper Flotation

EFD is the leading supplier of copper cleaning columns with over 170 installations worldwide.

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Gold and Silver Processing

EFD has a number of industry-leading flotation products for processing gold. This includes the HydroFloat, a state-of-the art flotation unit that uses fluidization to selectively float coarse and high SG gold particles that cannot normally be concentrated using flotation. We also have a range of air sparging products, including the SlamJet™ and the CavTube™ which greatly improve the kinetics of cyanide leaching by producing fine bubbles with high oxygen mass transfer to the leach solution.

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Fertilizer Minerals

These technologies incorporate improved methods of air sparging and particle contacting for coarse, fine, and ultra-fine particles. For the coarsest particles, the Eriez HydroFloat Separator is a proven process for the recovery of particles up to and exceeding 4-mm. Fine particles are best treated using EFD's proprietary SlamJet sparging system. For ultra-fine particles or where more intimate contacting is required, the CavTube™ sparging system can be employed.

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Iron Ore

The Eriez Flotation Division has supplied more than 140 commercial-scale flotation and separation units for iron ore beneficiation

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