Eriez Flotation has a number of industry-leading flotation products for processing gold.

This includes the HydroFloat, a state-of-the art flotation unit that uses fluidization to selectively float coarse and high SG gold particles that cannot normally be concentrated using flotation.  We also have a range of air sparging products, including the SlamJet® and the CavTube® which greatly improve the kinetics of cyanide leaching by producing fine bubbles with high mass transfer to the leach solution.

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Eriez Flotation's SlamJet® gas sparging systems have proven to be highly effective in producing the optimally sized bubbles required for maximizing oxygen mass transfer rates.

The Cyanidation Process:
In the CIL/CIP process for most gold ores, metallic gold must be cyanidized according to the following reaction:
4Au + 8CN- + O2 + 2H2 O = 4Au(CN)-2 + 4OH
The rate of cyanidization may be limited by transport of either of the reagents, cyanide or oxygen, depending on their relative concentrations. In practice it is common to operate with an excess of cyanide, simply because dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are too low as a result of an inefficient aeration system.

The Solution:
The SlamJet® sparger may be used to raise DO levels in the leach or adsorption tanks. Millions of microbubbles produced by the sparger ensure rapid transfer of oxygen to the pulp.

Benefits derived from using SlamJet® spargers:
• Simple on-line installation
• Easy Removal and on-line maintenance
• Two-year guarantee against premature wear
• Reduced agitation power
• increased carbon loading
• Increased throughput due to improved leach kinetics
• Improved and more uniform air/O2 distribution
• No high pressure recycle pumps and piping required

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