The Eriez Flotation offers a complete line of column and hybrid flotation technologies engineered for coal and minerals processing industries.

The CoalPro® benefits coal producers with low capital and operating cost and ease of operation. The CoalPro with SlamJet® sparging technology has no large aeration pumps, no large feed or recirculation pumps and no downcomers with complex piping. This unit has patented SlamJet® technology with automatic fail closure on loss of air. The CoalPro treats a variety of classified (150 x 45 micron) and unclassified (150 x 0 micron) raw coals to produce low ash products.

For a more aggressive approach, option the CoalPro with CavTube® sparging technology.

Another product initially commercialized for coal applications is Eriez' StackCell®, a two stage high efficiency mechanical cell.

Testing of the HydroFloat Separator for Coal Cleaning Applications

This article describes the theoretical basis for the development of the HydroFloat separator and provides an overview of performance data obtained from recent field trials.
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Energy Reducing Flotation Improvements

HydroFloat and StackCell systems radically improve separation and recovery of Coarse & Fines particles.
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Applications of the CrossFlow Teeter-Bed Separator in the US Coal Industry

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StackCell Flotation - A New Technology for Fine Coal Recovery

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The Application of the StackCell Technology for Fine Coal Recovery

StackCell technology application and fundamentals, along with data presented from the Kanawha Eagle installations.
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HydroFloat Paper MinEng 2018

Minerals Engineering 121 (2018) 83-89
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StackCell Paper MinEng 2018

Minerals Engineering 121 (2018) 137-145
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